Why white people need to stop saying ‘namaste’ by Kamna Muddagouni

check it out here: http://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/news-and-views/social/why-white-people-need-to-stop-saying-namaste-20160401-gnw2xx

The history of colonisation in India means that the practice of yoga in countries with colonial ties, like Australia, can never truly be a friendly exchange. In fact, during their colonial rule, the British banned certain practices of yoga which they perceived as threatening and ‘less acceptable’ Hindu practices. As a policy of conciliatio
n towards some aspects of Indian culture was pursued by the

British in the later years of their rule, the Brits promoted a re-appropriated more physical ‘modern’ yoga which is more akin
to the postural yoga taught in many classes in Australia today.


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