You Are Here: Exploring the Impacts of Yoga & Cultural Appropriation

has grown out of many channels.

Most importantly through a channel of love.

This is an act of love.

This is an offering and gift to ask us to love deeper and grow our hearts and minds so our individual practices encompass our collective well-being.

When we ask ourselves to love more expansively, we can examine how we have been conditioned with patterns, for some patterns of entitlement and privledge, that harm others and ourselves.

Through love we can move our thoughts and actions to lessen harm on others and ourselves.

This not only applies to a Yogic practice but also how we move through the world that has a 500-year legacy of colonization that is perpetuated on Turtle Island/North America everyday.


nisha has been sharing her examination of Yoga & Cultural Appropriation for over a decade and notably through the national tour of her play Yoga Cannibal (Directed/Dramaturged by Yvette Nolan), a playful and cutting look at the consumption of cultural in the quest for spiritual fulfillment.  There was a huge in-person and online response to nisha’s workshop “You Are Here: Examining Cultural Appropriation and Yoga” in January 2014, with many reuqests for the live streaming video to stay online. This video was created in response to that request.  nisha shares this with gratitude to the many many many others who share a practice that is much more expansive than commonly sold the diluted versions of the Yogic path.


“Never forget that justice is what love looks like in public” – Cornel West


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