nisha ahuja

nisha ahuja shares Attmic Energy Medicine, Reiki, Holistic Yogic Practices, and Ayurveda, and is also an actor, physical theatre creator, writer, singer/songwriter, and art, wellness, and justice educator/facilitator having performed, created, and offered classical, contemporary, and original work across Canada, the USA, the Netherlands, and India. She dedicated to dissolving the boundaries between art, traditional/ancient medicines, spirituality, and politic, and believes healing practices are revolutionary and fundamental to our collective liberation.

nisha is currently studying at CAISH (Centre for Ayurveda and Indian Systems of Healing) to become an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Therapist. As a medicine sharer nisha extends immense gratitude to the many teachers and guides through her journey. She has been studying yoga and meditation since she was a child and more intensively since 1999. Her journey into energy work sprouted from there. While teachers and guidance have come from many nisha most recently studied Reiki (Master Level) with Varsha & Ravi Hooja (Bombay, India), Attmic Healing with Manav Ji Sahaj (India), Ayuveda basics at CAISH, and yogic medicine at Swami Vivekanada Ashram (Bangalore India).

In addition to private Attmic Energy Healing & Rieki sessions nisha regularly shares wholistic Yoga practice in community centres, schools, offices, and health centres. She shares her Self-Healing Through Yoga Series several times a year, co-manifested the Ayu-Yog Meditation Retreat For Women and Trans Indigenous Peoples and Peoples of Colour and is one of the facilitator/members of Brown Girls Yoga Collective and shares regular sessions at Six Degrees Acupuncture. She is also known for her summer series of Yoga in Dufferin Grove Park. nisha broad range of workshops wellness, spirituality,  theatrical practices, justice, racial justice, healing justice and addressing cultural appropriation, including within North America’s growing yoga “culture”/ industry and dharma spaces, brings her to collaborate with other Yoga and justice facilitators with Yoga Teacher Trainings programs across North America.

As an artist,  an excerpt of nisha’s play Cycle of a Sari was published in Playwright Canada Press’ Refractions: Solo (2014) and the play received a full workshop production speaking to ancestral memory in the body, and paralleling  stories of freedom fighting LGBTQ women from Pre-Partition South Asian with the colonization of Turtle Island/North America. 30 People Watching, a theatrical response to the murder of Reena Virk, co-created Amelia Sariggison and Mark Cassidy with Subtle Vigilance Collective, premiered in Autumn 2014 (to be published in ReView: an anthology of plays committed to social justice,Sense Publishers, Autumn 2016).  In recent years, nisha was also an actor with Canada’s National Arts Centre’s Resident Acting Company, and toured her one-woman shows Un-Settling (published in Canadian Theatre Review, January 2016), about replicating Colonization, White Supremacy, and Systems of Oppression; and Yoga Cannibala cutting and playful look at the consumption of culture in the quest for quick enlightenment (Developed at Bad Times Theatre, Canada’s oldest Queer Theatre). At WorldPride 2014 nisha was an actor in Stonewall 45. For 3 years nisha was also a core member of R3 Artists Collective (Roots, Rhythm, and Resistance), a multi-disciplinary collective dedicated to decolonization awareness and practice through art. Currently she developing Straight as Jalebi, celebrating gender bending and Queerness in South Asian Culture, as well as collaborating with experimental sound and installation artist Melissa Moore on their on-going project Maan-i-fest, and also sharing her vocals in music and as a voice-over artist for television, radio, video-games, animation, and video.

nisha’s artist residencies include Buddies in Bad Times’ Women’s Creators’ Unit, Canadian Stage’s BASH, Cahoots Theatre’s Playwright Unit, and Tejal Shah’s The Balacao (Goa, India), and Pattio Taller (Puerto Rico).

As an arts educator, nisha has had the privilege of facilitating workshops with a diverse range of youth in Canada and India with renowned theatre companies, urban and rural schools, as well as NGOs, grassroots community organizations, and post-secondary institutions such as University of Toronto, York University, Western University, Queens University, and Algonquin College.

Some Other Collaborations include Native Earth Performing Arts, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, Canadian Stage, Factory Theatre, Theatre Direct, Concerned for Working Children/Common Plants (Karnataka, India), National Centre for Inclusion/ADAPT (Mumbai, India), New Harlem Productions, Eventual Ashes, Carousel Players, Caravan Tallship Theatre, Diaspora Dialogues, Children’s Peace Theatre, Magnectic Lab (NYC/Toronto), My Barbarian (Los Angeles), Gaysi/DirtyTalk (Mumbai India), Salamander Theatre, Mixed Company Theatre, A.M.Y. Project, Theatre Revolve, Just Theatre for Change, Theatre Ontario, Regent Park Film Festival, and Summerworks Festival. nisha graduated from York University Theatre’s Creative Ensemble, minoring in International Development.


Theatre Reviews

“The crowd really ate this one up. …Good Pace… Good Energy…a lot of Fun.”- CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) Radio One, Ottawa

“nisha brings an exciting blend of forthrightness, passion and talent to her work… I was impressed with nisha’s open-ness, intelligence, and empathy.”   – Mark Cassidy, Director

“A Must See”  -Xtra Toronto (Canada’s LGBTQ newspaper network)

“Ahuja is a remarkably talented artist. She is funny, engaging, strong and open.” – Hamilton Community Reviews

“Excellent performance by Ahuja, and a masterful use of humour and the bouffon format to tackle issues of identity in the context of de-colonization.” – Hamilton Community Reviews



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