Tobias Wiggins


Tobias B. D. Wiggins is an academic, educator, visual artist, and social justice advocate in Toronto, Ontario. A Ph.D. candidate in the department of Gender, Feminist, & Women’s Studies at York University, his dissertation investigates various psychoanalytic theories of perversion and their relationship to clinical transphobia. This research aims to address the continued psychiatric pathologization of trans people, and to broadly support the efficacy of trans-competent mental health care. At York, Wiggins teaches and writes on topics relating to sex, sexuality, gender, race and racism, dis/ability, and colonization. He is actively involved in the propagation of lively scholarly communities, regularly attending conferences both locally and internationally. He has sat on the board of directors of the Sex Salon at University of Toronto and is currently co-directing the inaugural Summer Institute for Sexuality Studies on the theme of “Perversion at the Crossroads of Critical Race Studies, Psychoanalysis, and Queer Theory.”

Wiggins is an advocate for accessible, community-based, anti-oppressive mental health. He currently runs a support group for trans men at the Sherbourne Health Centre, and volunteers as a lead operator at the Trans Lifeline. He aims to become a registered clinical psychoanalyst who works primarily with marginalized populations, and he is currently pursuing this path by attending programs and seminars through the Toronto Institute for Psychoanalysis. Also a visual artist, Wiggins has produced both experimental and documentary works on various topics, including queer sex, cultural appropriation, anti-poverty activism, and food sovereignty.

For more detailed information on his academic, freelancing, community support, and visual artwork, explore the various links on his website or contact him directly at Wiggins is currently available to give lectures, run workshops, and offer consultations.